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  • Pharma Quiz

    • February 5, 2018
    • Posted By : Peeyush Jaiswal
    • Comments Off on Pharma Quiz

    Which of the following is a prodrug

    All of the following statements regarding bioavailability of a drug are true EXCEPT

    The data presented in the figure below show that

    The typical log dose-response figure with the parallel nature of the curves suggests that the three drugs are interacting with the same receptor system. Drugs A and B are full agonists because they achieve the maximal response. They have similar efficacy, but drug A is more potent than drug B. Drug C is a partial agonist with less efficacy than either of the other two drugs.

    An IV infusion of a drug is started at 400 mglh. If CL = 50 Llh, what is the anticipated plasma level at steady state

    According to Biological Classification System, class-II drugs are

    Drug bioavailability is generally in following order

    MRT means

    Which of following equation is half life equation of first order reaction is


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