• 2nd World Congress on Biotechnology

    • May 17, 2018
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    Allied Academies Invite and welcome you to Frankfurt, Germany. We are glad to welcome you all to the 2nd World Congress on Biotechnology which is going to be held during October 25- 27, 2018 at Frankfurt, Germany.
    World Congress on Biotechnology plans to gather academic Researchers, delegates, scientists, experts, scholars, sponsors, and graduates from all over the globe to confer about how we can utilize novel trends and innovations in biotechnology to meet the global challenges.
    We invite you to join us at Biotechnology Conference for presentations, symposia, lectures and workshops. We assure you that you will gain a professionally rewarding experience by converse with other researchers from other institutions
    We look forward to meeting you in Frankfurt, Germany!!!
    Biotechnology Congress 2018, Frankfurt, Germany is a peculiar forum where eminent researchers in the field of plant biotechnology, medical biotechnology, agricultural biotechnology and industrial biotechnology, specialists, Biochemist, scholars, Philosophers, bioinformaticians, industrial bio-technologist to share their novel ideas that help for your career advancement.
    Biotechnology Congress 2018 is the best stage to socialize with colleagues, delegates, scientists, experts, scholars, sponsors, the analyst from different places.
    Target Audience: 

    • Researchers
    • Pharmacist
    • Doctors
    • Academicians from the relevant field
    • Business Delegates
    • Presidents/Vice Presidents
    • Professors and Students from related fields
    • CEO’s and R&D Heads from biotech companies

    Benefits of Attending:

    • Excellent opportunity to network with efficient international scientists, Academicians and young researchers.
    • The sessions of Biotechnology Congress assure to deliver highly advanced trends and innovations in biotechnology.
    • Biotechnology Congress 2018 will act as a career guideline for young researchers.

    Conference highlights:

    • Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering
    • Plant Biotechnology and Agricultural Biotechnology
    • Food biotechnology and Nutritional biotechnology
    • Aquaculture and Marine Biotechnology
    • Animal Biotechnology
    • Environmental Biotechnology
    • Stem cell Biotechnology
    • Pharmaceutical biotechnology
    • Medical Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering
    • Industrial biotechnology and fermentation techniques
    • NanoBiotechnology
    • Biochemistry
    • Reproductive Biotechnology
    • Genomics and Proteomics
    • Genetic Engineering and rDNA technology
    • Applied Biotechnology and Microbiology

    About the conference

    Allied Academies, invites all the participants from all over the globe to attend “2nd World Congress on Biotechnology “ during October 25-27, 2018 at Frankfurt, Germany.
    Biotechnology Congress 2018 aims to unite the Experts, Researchers, professors, undergraduates, representatives and scholars to confer about all novel trends and innovations in biotechnology.
    A spectrum of opportunities for the young researchers, delegates, and students from different universities to network with globally reputed academic researchers and best stage to share their different perspectives and views on the up to date developments.
    Engage yourself with Biotechnology Congress 2018 to sharpen your saw by learning new skills in a different environment. Keynote speeches, oral talks, exhibitions, and poster presentations outline the key attractions of the conference on the theme New Scientific Developments in Biotechnology of Modern Era“.
    We invite you to join us at the Biotechnology Congress 2018, where you will be sure to have a meaningful experience with scholars from around the world.
    Look forward to meeting you at Biotechnology Congress 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany.
    Sessions and Tracks
    we welcome all the participants across the world from leading universities and research institutions to share their research experiences in “2nd World Congress on Biotechnology slated to hold from October 25- 27, 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany with the theme of “Future Prospects of Biotechnology”.

    Website: Click here to Register


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