• 3D facility at Andhra Pradesh MedTech Zone Limited

    • July 5, 2018
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    Andhra Pradesh MedTech Zone Limited (AMTZ), Visakhapatnam, is an innovative Science Park spread over 270 acres dedicated for medical devices manufacturing with 200-250 manufacturing units, common scientific facilities, expo halls, convention centre, incubation facilities providing one stop solution for medical device manufacturers.  

    The MedTech Innovation and rapid prototyping facility is one of the common scientific facilities to promote areas of innovation and aid customisation and rapid prototype development of medical products for giving a big boost to Make in India programme.

    The state of the art facility at AMTZ offers 3D designing services, 3D scanning services, 3D printing services, prototyping services and low volume manufacturing all under one roof is a unique and one of its kind facility in the country.

    The facility primarily intended for medical device development and customised implants such as replacement of hip bones or dentures made through 3D printing which would bring revolutionary changes in healthcare.

    This prototyping facility without expensive moulding tools can serve manufacturing sector such as automobiles, aerospace, jewellery, architecture which will undergo a sea-change in the state with the facility coming up in Visakhapatnam.

    This industrial 3D manufacturing represents the future of digital manufacturing and will help secure Andhra’s place in material development and manufacturing with a plethora of opportunities to start-ups with innovative ideas.

    The facility allows manufacturers, start-ups and innovators to design and develop the prototypes at an affordable price and assist them to drive their innovations to market in short time.

    The 3D printing is an enabling technology that encourages and drives innovation with unprecedented design freedom while being a tool-less process that reduces prohibitive costs. 

    It is a revolutionary form of advanced manufacturing, where solid objects are printed by specialised machines using digital designs as input. The 3D printing is being recognised for its enormous potential for in house manufacturing, mass customisation, rapid innovation, reduction in carbon footprint, lead time and speed, better healthcare and interactive education. 


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