• Baidyanath Ayurved introduces herbal remedy for treatment, prevention of digestive disorders

    • July 17, 2018
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    Baidyanath, Jhansi based century old leading company in Ayurvedic know how and largest producer of Ayurveda products with portfolio of 700 formulations has introduced ‘Panchasav’, a herbal remedy for treatment and prevention of digestive disorders .

    “In the recent years due to unhealthy eating , stressful lifestyle, reduced physical activity and increased use of remote controlled devices and mobile phone has led to increase in life style disease as well as weak digestive system, which is major cause of many modern day lifestyle diseases. Poor digestive system leads to indigestion, constipation and obesity, which are mother of all disease. Understanding people’s need Baidyanath Ayurved has introduced Panchasav, which helps make Digestive system strong and increase digestive power. Thus the Panchasav is good for all over health.” said Anurag Sharma, executive director, Baidyanath Ayurved.

    ‘Panchasav’ is a combination of five traditional ayurvedic combinations including Balarishta: It acts as a nervine tonic and improves the strength of muscles, joints, and nerves, Kumaryasava: This medicine is useful in relieving abdominal distension, and bloating, It also provides relief from a cough, cold, and neurological conditions, Drakshasava: It is particularly useful for the treatment of anal conditions like piles, and fistula. It is also used to treat intestinal worms and Lohasava: This medicine is used in the treatment of anemia, liver and spleen disorders.

    “Panchasav is also helpful medication for treatment of piles, remove nutritional deficiencies, improving nervous system, preventing liver disorders and managing skin disease like acne and eczema. According to traditional Ayurveda every disease has a relation with Digestive system and to maintain a diseased free life one has to include healthy diet into one’s schedule and avoid fast foods, do morning walk and take minimum eight hours of sleep,”said Sharma.


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