• Baidyanath Ayurved introduces ‘Medohar Guggulu’, a herbal remedy for weight watchers

    • July 3, 2018
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    Baidyanath Ayurved has introduced ‘Medohar Guggulu, a classical herbal remedy for weight watchers which corrects fat metabolism, improves digestion and eliminates toxins from the body.

    The product not only reduces excess body fat accumulated on belly and tummy but also helps to reduce Cholesterol accumulated on inner walls of blood carrying tubes.

    Jhansi-based Baidyanath , the century old trusted leader in Ayurvedic know-how and largest producer of Ayurveda products with portfolio of 700 formulations has introduced the classical traditional Indian herbal remedy for obesity, the issue which has become one of the biggest concerns now-a-days cutting across all age groups in the country, according to a statement on Friday.

    The terms ‘overweight’ and ‘obesity’ refer to the abnormal or excessive accumulation of fat which may impair health and is taking form of an epidemic in the country as one out of every three people is obese or over weight . This condition puts people at a higher risk for serious disease including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, infertility, heart disease and cancer. ”Medohar Guggulu tablets produced according to classical authoritative ayurvedic text “Rastantra Saar & Siddha Prayogsangrah”, the text book for Ayurvedic medicine references approved by the Centre and AYUSH Department,” said Mr Anurag Sharma, Executive Director, Baidyanath Ayurved”Medohar Guggulu tablets contain time tested herbs like Guggulu, a gum that is derived from the resinous sap of a small tree that grows only in the two West Indian states of Gujarat and Rajasthan along with Triphla,Trikatu,Vidang,and chitrakmool,Guggulu, “said Mr Sharma.

    Guggulu is one of the most recognised medicine to correct fat metabolism in Ayurveda. In modern research it has been proven that Guggulu causes thermo genesis in the body which finally results in burning excess body fat, he said. ”Other herbs synergistically works to correct fat metabolism, improves digestion and eliminate toxins from the body. This product not only reduces excess body fat accumulated on belly and tummy but also helps to reduce Cholesterol accumulated on inner walls of blood carrying tubes,” he added.

    ” An over weight or obese person has to take two Baidyanath Medohar Guggulu tablets a day to be crushed in mouth and take lukewarm water as adjuvant for three months at least. But it should always be borne in mind that an effective anti-obesity treatment for obese is successful only if it is applied with adequate dietary and life-style discipline,” he said.

    Dietary discipline includes avoidance of fat rich, spicy, junk food, carbohydrates and sweets. Reduction in fat intake at minimum label and drinking plenty of water, at least 12-15 glasses in a day, eating a lot of green vegetables and fresh fruits, Dinner should be light and morning exercise minimum for 30 minutes should be practiced to gain best results. UNI RSA SB 1514


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