• Carolina BioOncology (CBI) enters into an Agreement with Xcell Biosciences (XcellBio) for Advanced Immunotherapeutic Development

    • August 11, 2018
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    XcellBio, a proprietary provider of primary cell control technologies for immunotherapeutic solutions today announced a collaboration with Carolina BioOncology Institute (CBI) to further pre-clinical development of true personalized medicine therapies. CBI will utilize XcellBio’s products to expand and profile patient derived tumor and immune cells through the use of the AVATAR™ systems in CBI’s pre-clinical development and validation programs.  The novel technology and research program mimics the immune and tumor microenvironments providing fine control over both the quantity and quality of cells produced to develop the highest level cell therapies.

    “With our proprietary primary cell control platform, we provide deeper insight into cellular profile and responses in the various HME such as the Tumor Microenvironment (TME),” said Janette Phi, Chief Operations Officer of XcellBio. “We are excited to collaborate with Carolina BioOncology Institute in demonstrating the utility of our AVATAR™ technologies for the development of adoptive cell therapies and a predictive therapeutics approach.” 

    “We are very pleased to be working with XcellBio in this collaborative way.  We are validating this technology for our patient tumor and T-cell therapeutics pre-clinical development.  This collaboration will enable us to continue our mission of providing cutting edge clinical research and development for our cancer patients,” said Founder and President of CBI Dr. John Powderly.  


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