World renowned Clinical Robotic Surgery Association (CRSA) will be launched in India on Saturday in New Delhi. CRSA is the leading body of experts in the field of Robotic Surgery across the world, based out of Chicago, USA. It has chosen India to launch its first international chapter.

“The inaugural meeting of CRSA India will see leading surgeons from all over the country and abroad come together and share their knowledge and wisdom in the field of robotic surgery.

“CRSA India would also provide training opportunities to young surgeons who want to train in the field of Robotic Surgery. It would help surgeons learn from the best experts with the help of a peer-reviewed journal and online video library. The members can access the surgical techniques of experts, and visit them for further training,” said Dr Vivek Bindal, Conference Convenor, CRSA India.

Robotic Surgery is the latest advancement in the field of surgery. It involves using computer assistance and artificial intelligence to help do complex surgical procedures with precision and best clinical outcomes. This is the first time an Indian version of the robotic surgery society is being created in the country.

More than 250 surgeons from across the country and abroad are expected to participate in the conference. There will be hands-on training opportunity on the robotic system and simulator for the surgeons attending the meeting. The proceedings of the meeting will be shared live online.

Adding further, Dr Bindal said, “With the launch of the Indian robotic surgery society, both surgeons and patients would benefit immensely. It would lead to better training and mentoring opportunities for surgeons, and society would formulate norms to ensure safe surgery for patients. Also, there will be opportunities for surgeons to visit centres of excellence across the world, which will enable surgeons to gain knowledge and skillsets in the field of robotic surgery.