• Dialysis leader NephroPlus introduces unique buttonhole needles for painless dialysis

    • August 31, 2018
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    NephroPlus, India’s largest dialysis center network and a pioneer in redefining dialysis care in India introduced the first of its kind buttonhole needles for painless dialysis for its patients in India. Buttonhole cannulation is a technique used often in home hemodialysis where blunt needles are used instead of sharp ones. With an aim to reduce the pain and make dialysis easier for patients, NephroPlus has introduced this unique technique in its centers.

    Most dialysis patients report pain during the insertion of the needles as their biggest fear in a dialysis treatment. The Buttonhole needles address this fear by reducing the amount of pain drastically.

    In this technique, first, a tract is formed in the flesh by pricking a sharp needle at the same point at the same angle during 5-6 successive dialysis sessions. Subsequently, a blunt needle is used for cannulation that goes through this tract without much pain. Buttonhole needle method is not only pain free; it is safer and easier for dialysis patients. Patients undergoing dialysis through this method have reported reduction of pain more than 95% than with the previous method.

    Commenting on this initiative, Mr. Vikram Vuppala, Founder & CEO, Nephroplus said, ‘NephroPlus has always endeavored to provide world-class dialysis care to the patients dealing with kidney failure. Our aim is to redefine the dialysis scenario in India, thus we always thrive to be better equipped, address the needs of people on dialysis and improve the healthcare delivery system. Buttonhole needle method for painless cannulation is one of the ways Nephroplus is trying to help the guests by making the procedure a painless one.’

    Addressing his thoughts about the innovation, Mr. Kamal Shah, Co-Founder & Director of Patient Services, NephroPlus and himself on dialysis for the past 21 years said, ‘Buttonhole needle is an innovative offering in dialysis care that has helped me personally for the last few years by making my dialysis relatively painless. I strongly believe this method will help patient overcome their fear of dialysis and improve compliance and their overall health.’

    With an aim to make dialysis accessible and affordable to all, NephroPlus has marked their presence across 146 centers in 85 cities. With PPP model, NephroPlus has facilitated people who are under BPL (Below Poverty Line) to avail the schemes, of free dialysis care for all. NephroPlus has successfully completed 2 million dialysis sessions after expanding their presence and servicing dialysis patients across the country.

    In addition to offering quality treatment, NephroPlus also motivates its guests to lead a normal life through initiatives like support group meetings and events. These programs provide guests a platform to share their experiences, overcome their inhibitions and boost their confidence in life. The brand conducts the Indian Dialysis Olympiad, India’s first ever sporting event for people on dialysis along with a unique dialysis patient bike expedition, correcting the false perception among the public-at-large that those on dialysis can only lead sedentary lives.


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