• ELDORADO Selects AdaCore’s QGen for Critical Medical Applications

    • December 13, 2019
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    ELDORADO develops products for the medical industry, which, like most sectors of the globalized economy, is under great pressure to be innovative, competitive and profitable. Based on the underlying life science, medical device development uses finite and hybrid automata to define the behavior of systems that interact with living organisms. This is an effective engineering solution, but by no means trivial when human lives are at stake. To ensure that the device design is correct, mathematical models and simulations are used for analysis and validation.

    “Our model-based QGen toolsuite is an ideal solution for developing and verifying safety-critical control systems,” said J.C. Bernedo, QGen Business Lead at AdaCore. “Engineers can express their designs in a high-level application-oriented notation and have confidence that the safety properties of the models are preserved in the generated source code. QGen is an excellent fit for organizations fielding medical device software, and we are pleased that ELDORADO has recognized its benefits and chosen AdaCore as a technology provider for their medical R&D projects.”

    “When Eldorado first decided to develop medical equipment and devices, we were fully aware of the inherent risks and liabilities of this segment,” said Guilherme Fonseca, R&D Manager of ELDORADO. “We knew it was essential to choose a technology partner capable of providing software development tools and technologies for critical systems with high reliability requirements. AdaCore’s expertise in this area was undeniable. They were fully committed to building a long-term partnership, and they offered us a support model that fits our needs.”


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