• FSD Pharma and SciCann Therapeutics Launch Cardiovascular Research Program in Tel Aviv University

    • September 26, 2018
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    FSD Pharma Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of a comprehensive sponsored research program in Tel Aviv University together with its strategic R&D partner, SciCann Therapeutics Inc. (“SciCann“), focused on the cardiovascular disease field. The new research program is aimed at the development of novel and proprietary cannabinoid-based treatments for the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, the underlying factor for most cases of stroke and cardiac stenosis events in the western world.

    Dr. Zohar Koren, Co-founder and CEO of SciCann stated, “The prevalence of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) among adults in North America is estimated at 8% of the population and considered to be the number one killer disease in the western world. There is a high unmet need for novel, safe and natural therapies that will ameliorate the damage caused by atherosclerotic plaques to the arteries and cardiovascular system and we believe that smart and targeted modulation of the endocannabinoid system may offer a new approach to treat this devastating progressive disease. We are highly excited to launch this new research program in Tel Aviv University and use the sophisticated and advanced labs that it offers for the execution of this program.” 

    Thomas Fairfull, President and CEO of FSD Pharma stated, “With the global Coronary Artery Disease therapeutics market projected to surpass $15 billion in 20181 and the potential to tap this huge market with safe and effective cannabinoid-based therapies, we are highly encouraged to launch this new research program in the heart of the thriving cannabis science and R&D ecosystem of Israel. This program marks another very important milestone for FSD on its way to becoming a leading supplier of superior and differentiated medical cannabis therapies for patients throughout Canada and the world.  Together with our Scientific R&D partner, SciCann Therapeutics, we are now putting a strong emphasis on the development of novel and disruptive cannabinoid-based therapies for the world’s most debilitating and lethal diseases, and Coronary Artery Disease is definitely a prime target to focus on in our endeavors.”


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