• Fujitsu Labs, ACC to advance cancer genomic medicine

    • December 2, 2019
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    Japan based Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. and Aichi Cancer Center (ACC) have successfully concluded a comprehensive cooperative research agreement to leverage newly developed AI technology to improve the efficiency of cancer genome information analysis and contribute to the advances in the field of cancer genomic medicine.

    The joint research, which builds on Fujitsu Laboratories’ recent collaborative efforts with the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Tokyo and AI technologies cultivated by Fujitsu Laboratories, will draw on knowledge and issues identified through the research and clinical studies of cancer genome medical care at Aichi Cancer Center, as well as large-scale genomic data and medical records held by the Center.

    Ultimately, the results of the joint research by Aichi Cancer Center and Fujitsu will lead to the development of various AI technologies that offer the potential to innovate cancer genome medical care at Aichi Cancer Center and affiliated medical institutions.


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