• `Medanta-AyurVAID’ combines Viyurveda’ and Villopathy’

    • October 13, 2018
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    In an attempt to combine the medicinal benefits of both lAyurveda’ and `AllopathylMedanta-The Medicity in collaboration with AyurVAID Hospitals launched `Medanta-AyurVAID’ here on Friday.
    Chairman and Managing Director Naresh Trehan said, “This amalgamation aims to make the traditional system of medicine services available under the same roof as the modern health facilities. ” “The fusion of Ayurveda and Allopathy works wonder for patients by reducing the risk of side-effects, restoring health alongside preventing the re-occurrence of the disease.
    Along with, working on the recovery of the patient, AyurVAID led services will also include diet, lifestyle, medicines, consultations out-patient therapies and therapeutic yoga.
    Two of the patients also came up with their successful treatment stories explaining how the ayurvedic way did not only cure them of their primary disease, but also improved their immune system and eye-sight. Please log in to get detailed story.


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