• Medicx Launches PROximity HCP For Micro-Neighborhood® Targeting of Healthcare Practitioners

    • May 23, 2018
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    Medicx Media Solutions, a data-driven addressable marketing technology platform for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, today announced the launch of PROximity HCP. Leveraging Medicxs’ coveted real world evidence-based healthcare data and Micro-Neighborhood® targeting provides pharmaceutical advertisers a more efficient way to reach their target healthcare practitioner audiences with a greater return on investment than traditional tactics.

    Traditional online targeting of HCP’s has been limited to healthcare professional endemic sites. In doing so, a brand limits its opportunity to reach practitioners when they are actually behaving like consumers and are equally or even more likely to be online, or in front of a TV.

    “Improving communication in healthcare is an important piece to providing better health outcomes for patients and providers,” said Michael Weintraub, CEO of Medicx. “By Leveraging our Micro-Neighborhood® marketing technology, we have the ability to help our customers develop a multichannel approach at a local, personalized level, which will improve consumer engagement. We’re excited about the development and early success of PROximity HCP and have seen significant customer adoption already in driving incremental campaign revenue amongst our top 20 advertisers.”

    PROximity HCP is an extended reach to the vast Medicx database of over 4.1MM HCPs (Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants Pharmacists, Hospitalists). PROximity HCP is available for both 1:1 (with affirmative express consent opt-in) targeting and is HIPAA certified for Micro-Neighborhood® targeting thus, it ensures brand safety advertisers engage in both 1:1 and hyper-targeted campaigns.

    About Medicx

    Medicx is the preeminent data-driven addressable marketing technology platform disrupting advertising for pharmaceutical and other healthcare industries. Through a patent-pending analytical and HIPAA-certified Micro-Neighborhood® targeting approach, Medicx creates highly-targeted marketing and media campaigns. Medicx tracks 35M+ Micro-Neighborhoods®, encompassing 240M+ adult patients and practitioners. The result is an unprecedented way to find and engage with the right audiences across multiple platforms and channels.


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