• OPOS-Fullpower launches “The First 24/7 Opioid Compliance Solution”

    • January 6, 2020
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    Fullpower® Technologies, “The sleep technology company” and OPOS, “The opioid optimization company”, are announcing a partnership to create “The first 24/7 opioid compliance solution.  The solution combines Fullpower’s patented contactless biosensing polysomnography grade sleep monitoring and AI platform with OPOS opioid optimization, functional monitoring, and prescriber risk management.

    The opioid epidemic has revealed that these powerful pain medications have real risks. The more recent reductions in opioid prescribing have created new obstacles for patients who rely on these important treatments. Physicians are challenged with compliance across a wide range of new opioid prescribing guidelines from the CDC, state medical boards and recent changes in state laws across the country that define a new de facto standard of care for opioid use. The Fullpower OPOS solution ensures that physicians are able to meet the new standard of care and adhere to the guidelines based on information that reflects the 24/7 life experience of the patient non-invasively while protecting privacy and security.

    It is estimated that there are 116 million people suffering from chronic pain in the US and as many as 30 million patients receive long term opioid care (IOM, 2011). Chronic opioid therapy and the complexities of polypharmacy affect sleep, daily activities, and quality of life. Through 24/7 functional monitoring, physicians and their patients can gain insight into the efficacy, safety, and risks of long term opioid use to maximize a patient’s quality of life.


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