• Sinarest wins AWACS Brand of the Year for Marketing Excellence for the sixth time

    • November 26, 2019
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    Sinarest has won the prestigious Brand of the Year Award for Marketing Excellence for an unprecedented sixth year in a row at the AWACS Awards held in Mumbai recently. The company, introduced in 1983 in India, by Centaur Pharmaceuticals, has been the leader in the prescription anti-cold market for over two decades amid intense competition from international, domestic, regional, OTC and alternate therapy brands.

    Brand Sinarest clocked sales of Rs 300 crores from all its extensions as per the October 2019 AWACS PharmaTrac report registering a robust MAT growth of 13 per cent in the last twelve months. The national market share of Sinarest is 43 per cent by value and 40 per cent by volumes. It is freely available with more than seven lakh chemists in India.

    Sinarest is the number one prescribed anticold brand across specialities like ENT surgeons, paediatricians, consulting physicians and family physicians. In India, two prescriptions of Sinarest are clocked every second by doctors in India. It is also the number one prescribed anticold brand in Uganda and Cambodia.

    With regards to this, SD Sawant, Managing Director, said, “In India, the most important attribute to own in a doctor’s mind is trust. Sinarest has earned the trust of doctors in India by consistently delivering on its promise of efficacy, safety and relief over the past three decades.”

    Sinarest is known for its quality backed by ethical marketing practices based on evolving scientific research and rationale. Sinarest has used innovative digital marketing in collaboration with leading doctors to sensitise patients about the perils of self medication.


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