• Tactio and BR HomMed Expand Brazil Digital Health Partnership

    • May 29, 2018
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    BR HomMed extends its partnership with Tactio, adding an investment close to one million Canadian dollars to support the growth of its remote patient monitoring programs in Brazil over the next five years.

    BR HomMed started early investing in the Brazilian remote patient monitoring (RPM) market along with Tactio Health Group supporting the specific technology requirements for the market. Now with a solid RPM offering, compelling value proposition that includes population health, screening, patient digital on-boarding and remote monitoring programs, BR HomMed is ready to enhance its offering by further investing to support the next five years of growth. Tactio brings much more to BR HomMed than its genuine technological expertise and the TactioRPM platform, it also shares business savvy in connected health programs, developed in other markets and profound mHealth experience with millions of health app downloads and multiple digital health patient programs.

    “Chronic diseases are as big of a problem in Brazil as they are in the U.S. and Europe. It impacts 40 percent of the population, more than 57 million people in total, and accounts for 72 percent of mortalities. With the population aging, the strain of these conditions on our economy is expected to rise sharply. Our partnership with Tactio enables patients and service providers to benefit from a world-class remote patient monitoring solution,” said Giuliano Sant Anna, BR HomMed CEO.

    BR HomMed’s Patient Remote Monitoring solutions enable stakeholders to promote customer self-care through the use of a mobile application that collects health data. This data gives decision makers a holistic understanding of their people’s health and supports decisions based on Big Data. In addition, BR HomMed has a multidisciplinary team to remotely manage in real-time elderly, pregnant, and chronically ill patients using medical devices connected to IoT.


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