• Ubiquigent Launches Drug Discovery Service to Rapidly Identify False Positives

    • August 27, 2018
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    Ubiquigent Limited, a company specialising in providing ubiquitin cell-signalling system drug discovery services, research tools and novel targeted chemistry, announced today that it has launched REDOXprofiler™. The new service, validated following a collaboration with Medivir AB, enables the rapid identification of REDOX cycling compounds (RCCs), which may generate false positive hits in drug discovery screening campaigns, particularly those targeting cysteine proteases including deubiquitylase (DUB) enzymes, cathepsins, caspases and protein tyrosine phosphatases.

    REDOXprofiler™ provides a critical screening hit triage service, not only to those prosecuting DUB focussed drug discovery programmes, but beyond to include other cysteine protease focussed projects by rapidly identifying false positives, ensuring that the appropriate screening hits are followed up in hit-to-lead optimisation programmes.

    REDOXprofiler™ has been designed primarily to complement and strengthen Ubiquigent’s existing DUB-targeted drug discovery service platform and capabilities but is equally valuable for identifying RCCs that may lead to the inactivation of the catalytic cysteine of any cysteine protease.

    Ubiquigent’s Managing Director Jason Mundin commented: “With their highly regarded expertise in the field of cysteine protease directed drug discovery, we were delighted to work with Medivir AB in the evaluation and validation of REDOXprofiler™. We are now pleased to launch this service, which will complement our DUBprofiler™ selectivity service and further support the successful execution of our clients’ drug discovery programmes.”


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