• World Diabetes Day: Most diabetics unaware of normal blood sugar levels

    • November 15, 2019
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    The number of people with diabetes is witnessing an alarming rise. A recent study conducted by the Gadge’s Diabetes Care Centre reveals that 79.4 per cent of Mumbaikars are living with diabetes and unfortunately they do not know what the normal blood sugar levels are.

    The study was conducted between June to October 2019, and the theme for this year’s World Diabetes Day is ‘The Family and Diabetes.’

    The study encapsulated the data points of 1,683 patients (891 women and 792 men) with a two-year history of Type 2 Diabetes within the age group of 18-75 years.

    According to the study, 65 per cent of the participants neither knew what type 2 diabetes was nor were they acquainted with the causes or risk factors associated with it.

    Dr Pradeep Gadge, director at Gadge’s Diabetes Care Centre said the study aimed to raise awareness about this fatal condition and educate people on its causes, ill-effects, prevention and cure.

    The data was collected by conducting personal interviews with the participants using a pre-designed questionnaire, which was administered by the Diabetes Educators of Gadge’s Diabetes Care Centre.

    “About 79.4 per cent of the participants did not know what the normal range of their blood sugar levels should be. Of the 1,683 patients, only 590 participants (16.5 per cent) knew what Hba1c is and its normal range.

    Our study shows that a majority of participants had poor knowledge of several aspects of the condition, including its causes, complications, management, and prevention,” he said.


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