• Xcell Biosciences Corporation Announces Technology Access Program and First Partner

    • April 8, 2019
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    Xcell Biosciences Corporation, a provider of novel and disruptive systems for cell therapy development and production which combines rapid primary cell expansion and fine control of cell population mix and phenotype across a range of therapeutically important human cell types, today announced the launch of a Technology Access Program (TAP) and the first TAP partner, Thibault Jonckheere, CEO at ImmunXperts in Gosselies, Belgium.

    “Xcell Biosciences created the Technology Access Program (TAP) to accelerate the discovery of novel applications using our proprietary Primary Cell Control Systems in the field of Immunotherapy. We launched the TAP to collaborate with researchers and commercial partners in advancing the technology frontier of Human Microenvironments (HME) including Tumor Microenvironments (TME). We will provide the instrumentation and technical support necessary for partners to jointly invent and validate new discovery technology,” said Janette Phi, COO. “Our solutions focus on clinical researchers developing therapies at the convergence of precision medicine, stem cell technology, and immunotherapy.”

    Thibault Jonckheere, CEO of ImmunXperts stated, “The growing complexity of new therapeutics is bringing with it the need for more sophisticated in vitro cell models and we believe Xcell Biosciences is developing technology with the potential to take the field to the next frontier. By allowing us to mimic physiological microenvironments for our in vitro assays, we have the opportunity to develop better tools for the early assessment of therapeutic candidates while deepening our understanding of cell biology. We have built our reputation on solving real challenges and we aim to continuously improve our capabilities by staying up-to-date with innovation in the field. The Xcell Biosciences team shares our mission of advancing the field and we are very excited to be partnering with them as their first TAP partner.”


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